candle refilling service New Hampshire

Give Your Old Candle Jars New Life!

Do you have candle jars that you no longer know what to do with but you really don't want to throw them away or recycle them?? We are now offering candle jar recycling and refilling. We will take your old jars, clean them out and refill them with the scent of your choice at a greatly reduced price. You'll get a wonderful smelling candle and can feel good about not adding more to landfills or recycling! 

Candle Refilling service New Hampshire

As easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Send us your empty candle vessels
2. We'll give them a thorough cleaning!
3. We refill them with the scent of your choice.
4. We ship them back to you!

Candle Refilling Service

Candle Refilling Service

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It's as easy as 1,2,3...

Follow the steps below to check out and purchase your candle refill.

1) Choose the approximate size candle you have and then choose the scent from the drop down menu and check out. Once that is complete follow the steps below. 

2) If you ordered your original candle from us please try to keep the original packaging. When your candle is empty you can re-package it right up and send it back to us at this address: Wildside Candle 26 Meadow Road, Durham, NH 03824.  If you do not have the original packaging, that's ok! Just be sure to wrap the jar securely to avoid breakage.  Be sure to clearly print your return address on the package for us so we know who it's from!  Please clean your vessel and return it to us ready for refills!

3) Once we receive your candle and determine that you chose the correct size refill we will refill it with a scented soy wax of your choice.  If there are any issues upon receipt of your empty vessel we will reach out ASAP. 

4) We will be batch pouring all of our recycled candles 2 times per month depending on demand so please allow 2 weeks at least prior to shipping back to you. 

5) At checkout choose Flat Rate Shipping for Candle Refill!